Page last updated: 06 December 2013

The best way to prevent children getting ear disease or Otitis Media (OM) is to have their ears checked every time they see the health worker, nurse or doctor.

In addition, the following preventative measures are recommended:

  • keep children clean (wash their hands and faces regularly);
  • ensure children eat healthy foods like fruit and vegetables;
  • make sure children get all their vaccinations;
  • get children to blow their nose;
  • breastfeed your baby as it helps fight infection;
  • don’t smoke around children; and
  • don’t stick anything in a child’s ears, unless recommended by a health worker, nurse or doctor.
Health worker checking child’s ear.
Baby showing possible  signs of hearing loss.

Fast facts - ear disease

  • Ear disease can be prevented and treated.
  • Children should have their ears checked by a health worker, nurse or doctor at each visit.
  • Get your children’s ears checked, even if they seem okay.
  • Ears can be sick with no symptoms.