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Page last updated: 10 December 2013

If you need assistance or would like to request this document in an accessible version, please contact Care for Kids’ Ears Campaign

The Otitis Media Resource Kit for Health Professionals provides multiple resources to assist health professionals in conveying important ear health messages to parents and carers.

The Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations provides updated clinical care guidelines for health professionals.

Please complete the online order form to order hard copy versions of these resources. Alternatively, you can download these resources by clicking on the graphics below.

PDF version - Information Booklet for Health Professionals (PDF 1.6MB)

Information Booklet (PDF 1.6MB)

(an overview of the campaign, key messages and how to use the health professionals kit)

PDF version - Otitis Media Consultation Tool for Health Professionals (PDF 3MB)

Consultation Tool (PDF 3MB)

(ear health information and key messages to share with parents and carers)

PDF version - Campaign brochure (PDF 2MB)

Campaign brochure (PDF 2MB)

(an overview of key ear health messages)

PDF version - Photobook (PDF 2.6MB)

Photobook (PDF 2.6MB)

(an overview of key ear health messages)

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PDF version - A2 Campaign poster (PDF 600KB)

Poster (PDF 600KB)

(to help promote ear health messages)

PDF version - Campaign resource flyer (PDF 807KB)

Campaign Resource Flyer (PDF 807KB)

(list of campaign resources available)